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Related article: Date: Monday, June 7, 2004 March 07th EDT 07 From: Wyzman34 aol. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 3 Brother 2 Brother Michael Martell Chapter 3: My second visit to New Orleans was not as my first in the last year. Last year I after Momma V, Victor my late mother's friend invited me experience Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras was an experience open your eyes to me. There were clubs, carnivals and fiestas home, but none of the n , which could even a candle, the debauchery of Mardi Gras in New Orleans Sin City USA. UU.. N If you've never been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras with experience then you've missed and improve the planning going on, because I You can not describe the experience, but believe me, which is Mardi grass know the business. There were, of course, when I went last year, I just lost Victor and I was not really looking for Party Down in New Orleans during Mardi grass. I wanted to spend more time with Mom V and the rest of the family. because death of Victor and the funeral had BECOI was very close to Victor 's family, particular Momma V, which was like a mother to me. Also, I had to go for a bit. Things between my brother and I were connected, although n be better, and I needed a break for a minute. I thought the fact that Momma V and the rest of the family approached me Victor if not gone. I could see my mother smiling and V eyes. I had the opportunity to hear the sound of the voice of Lolita Underage Nude his father and then was Vicente, who physically resembled Victor. There were times when it only be weird around him. The memories of walking as a Victor ghost, a beautiful spirit I wanted to see their world from whence it came. V always mom taught me a baby picture, picture-in school and sports the image they had of Victor. It turned out that my first trip to New Orleans that turned out to be necessary to begin to focus on. I 'm closer to Mom and V Vivienne, Victor 's sister, who was still mourning, and even Victor named his latest Victor baby. Victor, Sr, whom I first met funeral Victor, was not so much on my first visit, and when I him, he looked at me like I was the reason for her missing son. that s still amazes me that even Mom V Victor, Sr. , was married to seems to be polar opposites, and the fact that, well, Mom went to V s more than once, Momma V but refused to divorce him. She not only think to do that. Vincent 's brother Victor was furious. At first I unless the winner was killed by a policeman, and there were some that, but I have the feeling that he blamed me for the death of Victor. I do not care about his brother, feeling I have. I must admit, that there were moments that really happened there. That was my mistake and something I should have done more, but what I would n done? V Mom told me that what happened was bound to happen and not a it had stopped. I agree ? I do not think. called When I entered the car at home mom V, I found that no place to park near the house. I parked on the street, and left my luggage inside and walked the five houses is V Mom. Momma V live in a quiet, leafy residential area in a beautiful two-story house who lived and raised a family in front was a perfect court, Ms. DuBois was careful Vidalia. I went forward door after ringing the bell several times and the door opened Vivienne V, the daughter of mom. When his beautiful brown eyes, I saw that began to mourn and grabbed me in a Lolita Underage Nude hug as she hugged me, and shouted over his shoulder. " Oh, Shane !" He swallowed. It was " Oh, you're here. Oh baby! " That's when I realized for the first time it sounded as a mother V. " Vivvie, " I began. "I'm sorry for what happened... " She nodded and hugged me again. "I know Shane. Thanks. " They walked me home and I was introducedced to the DuBois family, and friends. I still could not believe what had happened. Still could not believe n he returned to New Orleans and participation in other DuBois funeral was so unreal to me. As Vivienne personally introduced me in any family of DuBois, n of aunts, uncles, dozens of relatives, ieces and nephews and close friends of the family can, in my opinion, just think of Momma V. I pushed my mourning for my best people that strangers to me and yet, because I, as part of the family, s treated me like family. He was crushed between two aunts Vivienne, Hattie Mae and Johnnie Ruth, like Vincent, Victor's brother came to the kitchen. He wore a black shirt with black pants. I realized that his hair was now rowed corn, and wore a diamond men pending in the right ear lobe. He saw me sitting between his two aunts. He came to me, paused, then nodded and left. While watching a him leavingand I could not help but wonder what he felt. So much death, so that Close to home, and the least time ago. "Vicente poor," said Johnnie Ruth. "He does not take well :" I saw Hattie Mae Johnnie Ruth, as she lost her mind. "How the hell is to be taken, Johnnie Ruth, who has only lost one parent. " " I am very aware that Hattie Mae " Johnnie Ruth said hot. I just knew that these two old women wanted to come to blows. Thank God Vivienne came and saved my ass. " I'm sorry, Shane. " Vivienne apologized when I was away from her two aunts still arguing. "Okay, Viv," I replied, relieved. "Viv, I understand as all this... I have a minute I have said it is pneumonia, but that was put in order and then... " Wink Vivienne sympathetic. "It was congestive ". I shook my head in disbelief. "Shane Is this my baby Shane? " I've heard the beautiful voice, full of Vidalia " Momma V" DuBois and I turned to her, I could doand was in mourning. is wearing a black dress that her voluptuous figure in a very maternal n right. His eyes were full of love and when she opened her arms, flew looking for comfort and safety, and then realized that I was there, to them, not me. " Momma V," I said in the beautiful, and I realized that my o surprise that they have aged. "Sorry, I can not believe that, dass.. " " Shush now, baby, now shut up. " She said she hugged me tightly n and closure, while caressing the back of the head. " Momma V, how are you ?" I asked, and I realized how stupid this issue was. Her husband had died. " I'm fine, but I'm much better now you're here. " I smiled and hugged again. I loved V mom know more than anyone. Victor DuBois, Sr was 73 when he died of congestive heart failure after a battle with pneumonia. After the funeral, obituary, that was the only son of Lester and Emmaline DuBois. He explained that tHat s that it was his wife's lover, Vidalia and two children, Vivienne and survived Vincent, and, above deceased by his son Victor Dubois, Jr. He also explained, the name of their surviving grandchildren, Vernon, Jr. , Vaden, Veronique, and Victor DuBois Chevalier, but what caught my attention was the next step to. It is also two sons -in-law, Vernon Chevalier, survived and Mr. Shane Jackson. I was surprised, delighted and surprised. The funeral of Victor DuBois, Sr was in a New Orleans do Fashion Dixieland Band plays including serious singing in the grave s, and ending with ' When the saints go marching in ".. while the service s to be despite my insistence, my Momma V between the front and Vicente n and with Vivienne and her husband and children. I felt out of place Vincent, but I had said that was what I wanted mom V. After the funeral V mom always returned to the celebration of life is starts Victor DuBois, Sr. had food, drink, music, dance and storiesa Victor, Sr. , told his family and friends who knew him well. One of the Victor sisters, Lavenia told everyone to jail for armed how Victor theft. " Oh, white people were crazy Stompin "' said Lavenia. " Victor was n do not say anything if. Yes, he knew he had stolen the white man said the money, but he did not go to another black man was going to say trying to get " the that was legally entitled. " aunts Hattie Mae and Johnnie Ruth described the reaction of her sister , Vernie Mae, Vidalia mother, when her daughter brought home the n is large, handsome, with difficulty in his eyes Victor DuBois. " Let me tell you ! "Johnnie Ruth cackled with laughter," Vernie Mae was able to draw. " " Oooh, is not never lied ! "Hattie Mae voted in " Vidalia "Johnnie Ruth said, trying, as is the sound end of Vidalia s mother: " They have problems in this house and this family took to get to leave here and do not always bring back a troublemaker as ever. " " Lawd, said " Hattiand Mae, said. "And then the old. Vic vi Vernie Mae and said that everything bad you want is not Nothing and no one expects from my Viddie not once was the first time that no one to return Vernie said he hated and loved for Victor and the day , when she died. " But it was mom V, the most amusing story of Victor, the father was " Chile ", said the V s mother: "There I was screaming in pain type the birth of my children, and no loud cries Vic in the doctor all evil... " Get him ! Get it out ! Sit watchin ' not as a fool " help her! " Momma V was doubled with laughter and the other was all for some reason, I could see Victor, Sr do everything possible. "Oh, but if baby came out and saw the umbilical cord was like ' DamnViddie ! Look N in the fat of my son. " N stories, food, music and beverages rose in the early morning hours, but could not pass. I made ​​my way to the room I had Mom V prepared for me. When I entered the darkened room I hopeto be alone, so that I heard... " Yo man, do not turn on the light. " I was surprised. " Vincent, are you ?" I asked. " Yes, I am there. " Responses to Vicente. "What are you doing here ? " I asked. I heard him sigh. "Using the room of my brother. " I nodded in the dark. "Yes, I know. " The moon was full, and there was n shortly after midnight. The moonlight dip in the moonlight room. I saw Vincent sat in bed staring at the ground keeps a bottle in his hand. He raised the bottle to his lips and number of common features. " Vincent, are you okay ?" I asked. "Damn, I used to get into so much trouble. " Vicente was as if I not yet spoken. He raised the bottle to the head. Vincent was in the path is out of his head on fire. "We use to run and jump crazy mother. We can be up all night, jumping on beds, with water fights, and talk about all kinds of shit. " N I heard her voice cracked and sounded like it was crying. ", then popbe prepared to enter their ass whup his ass big! " " You really miss your father, eh ? " Vicente not just take the bottle to the head. replied:" The suffering mothafucka ! " Vincent muttered, as he was drunk another hit from her bottle. " The son of a bitch is dead and Vic must be alive today. "N " You can not say. "I replied. N " mothafucka ! Do not tell me what the fuck does " Vincent snorted, hostility n in his voice:"I know what the hell it means... I know what the hell n 'm talking about! " " sorry " I said hesitantly walking towards where seats. I sat beside him on the edge of the bed. " I will not bother to. " Vincent shook his head and then turned to me a pat on the chest. " Nah man, it my ​​bad... I'm at. fucking "Vincent sat down on the bed and took another sip from his bottle, which is Jack Daniels. " Thank you, that father mothafucki me... I am. fucking "Vincent looked at me with is a question in your face. " You know whatused to do with us? " I shook my head, no. " Suffering mothafucka beat us. "Vincent said. I got the Jack Daniels bottle and told me to drink. sniffed me and then took a big hit, coughing from the edge of it. " Opened ? "I repeated. " Nee... He beat us... I, Victor, Viv and mom. " I was silent. I could not imagine Momma V, or who are victims of Lolita Underage Nude the domestic violence. Gave me another shot of the bottle. " What? " " Yes, he was a second son of a bitch and use to beat us because it was the business from anyone. "Vincent continued when he took the bottle and I a others. " And then on top of this shit... betrayed mother. " Once again I was surprised when I took another swig from the bottle. " Yes, my brotha ! Big Daddy Vic slingin ' the tail. I have two brothers and a sister he never knew. " I was puzzled by this. That was too much to believe and to listen. I took another Lolita Underage Nude sip, this time I felt so good. " Do you thinkcame to the funeral ? "I asked, pushing my speech. " Of course not ! Probably could not give a shit about him in any way. " were both silent as we do in the old dormitory drink Jack Victor Sat n Daniels. I felt the silence like a glove to the face. She could hear Victor, gasping or was I, who could say no. I knew that were bombed both our heads. " strange", I told him my thoughts turned, bent down to Victor. \\ \\ n Vicente to me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt good place and consolation. " Bruh know. I miss you too. " The next thing I knew I was as a child cries n Vicente arms. Hard sobs took over my body as tears flowed and flowed non -stop. Vincent said when I I realized I never heard that Victor never voice again. feel his arms around me, never love n again. All the time Vicente near me in the chest, gently cradled me as a baby and said, however, would be nice. I cried and cried and Vicente shook and rocked me. Then I felt him kiss me on the top of my n the head. It felt good in the arms, someone who knew what he felt and his to understand and participate in it. I hugged him to never let a lack of solid, to go away and never lose until the end. I touched his forehead to the side to create a little longer than the kiss on the top of my head. His lips became on the forehead. Smooth as velvet. They had nice lips kiss. lifted his head slightly to kiss him to let my face, that s always so quiet. He kissed her on the bridge of the nose, the tip of the the nose and then kissed my lips. The kiss was soft, smooth, was like a whisper in the wind of the summer night. My hand slipped behind the back and pulled him towards me, in order to increase the pressure and power the kiss. When his lips to mine that returned the kiss, slowly opening the mouth to allow his tongue inside the snake, as our lips danced together. I my ​​arms around his body and pulled it hard tofrom me. that kissed her, as before, we never kissed someone and how I felt tail Vincent pants be hard I thought it was so damn good again feel a hard cock against my body. No I was not in the sense that it was Victor 's brother, nor my mind that so far, would n swore he was straight, but of course, were drunk and perhaps n that was the effect be taken too much of Jack Daniels in the head. but for the time that moment I did not care. I just wanted to touch another man, my sense of the body and said that my body cries out my name and I feel good, and forget the pain. When we kiss we begin to remove clothes. the shirt is the first, until it stripped to the waist, our nipples touching among them. Our hard muscled chest rising and falling with each breath, because we have started kissing and fondling each other's bodies. The kisses grew up in the heat and fever as we have the pants and underwear. Our bodies were naked, and s hot and ready to eat. wildLust and desire that was in both n and ow all I wanted and needed was another. I wrapped my arms and legs Lolita Underage Nude around him want to feel. " Oh... Oh... yes... yes! " I moaned as he felt his hands squeezing my ass and is a stray finger began to tease my ass. Like a hungry calf in an udder that subject my lips around the nipple of her breast and began sucking and licking. " Ahhhhh... Fuck Shit ! " Vicente said, as he resisted against my lips manipulations on her nipples, now hard nublets. His body was n covered in sweat and I felt good about my body. I lost my mind and did not care. Vicente rolled onto his back and went to sucking and licking the breast and nipple licking a path to the hard, tight stomach. But I did not stop, I went further and let my hand take a firm grip on his thicky thick fleshy. I held him, as Vincent opened his mouth and asked me to go to it. I smiled as I slowly, slowly began to jack his cock. "... Oh... yessss.... do not do that shit THAt! " Muttered Vincent and the n moaned. He loved it. He loved them all. His eyes began to roll in the back of my head and gently stroking went on strike wild, hard, and \\ \\ n strong. Resisted her hips, her legs broken. squirmed and moaned and moved , but never gone. his cock seemed to grow thicker the palm of my hand. So I opened my mouth and I swallowed without notice thick. as my hot mouth covered his throbbing cock uncut, put Vincent up and howled like a wounded dog. That was a good way to Mama V is here, but did not. n " DAMNITMAN ! SUCK THAT SHIT ! Suck it! "Vincent gasped pushing me an and so on. " Lolita Underage Nude Suck it! Suck it! "Said Vincent and over again, and kept sucking. It s there was wild in the bedroom. I was in bed with my dear brother, , and was very nice. As I sucked his dick, face Vicente shit treatment smother me with all of the tail. I started tickling him in the nuts with your fingers Bezerk and left. " yes yes yes yes ! "He muttered. Then, suddenly pulled his tail with a lush pop sound. He turned on my stomach. " I have to... I'm a success! " Vicente offers. n da He paused and then sounded a bit broken. Then I felt that I ass cheeks apart and spread to a lubricated, latex covered cock was me. It was painful at first, but soon the pain became pleasure as Vincent worked his magic on my ass. My face was almost buried in the pillow. " DAMN! FUCK! Baby, which is a nice ass !" Vincent groaned and groaned. " Oh yeah... OH GOD... FUCK ME ! DO IT! " He said as he threw his ass to him, Backup and try everything I had to give to get. Vicente is talk to me, as it resisted the crossing. He pushed and pushed and slammed my Lolita Underage Nude ass. " Ooooh... SSSSSSSSHIT " Vincent whispered aloud. We have a rate of were both entitled to the same destination. To the point of no return. I could feel, Vincent tries to make it last, but it was Losing to battle. " Ahhhh.... Ahhh... shit shit... I 'm going to run... I 'm going to run " "Give it to me. Give It To Me" I groaned. Vincent was a roar from the depths, as he exploded inside me, his hot cum ribs in the condom, but I could feel the heat and has given me over the top n how I got to bed. It collapsed on them and spent, exhausted, and as derived to sleep I had an idea. What have I done.
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